...your day can really suck.

this morning hiro and i went to an information meeting about a preschool in genkai. they are building a new school which will open in november, but the meeting was actually about students who will start in april. yep, almost time for hiro to start school! *sob* where has the time gone?

anyway, it was interesting. the teachers put on a little skit (involving anpanman, ick!), then took the kids off to play with anpanman. hiro was too scared of the life-sized anpanman though, so he stayed with me. then there was a looooong boring meeting about the school and its philosophies. i don't have a problem with the school, i could see us sending hiro there, but all that japanese, spoken by an over-excited woman over a microphone (why?? the room wasn't that big and there weren't that many people there!) gave me a headache. as the day progressed, this headache has transformed into a migraine. or maybe it always was a migraine that just got worse and worse. i don't know, but yoshi being called into work this afternoon has just about done me in. *sigh* what was supposed to be an hour and a half has now been three hourse. i don't think i can take much more of this! this headache is so bad i feel dizzy and nauseous. and i *think* i may be coming down with a cold! lucky me.