i am not quite ready to go to work. i mean, i'm not ready for the commitment, to being tied down. it would be nice to 'get out', to make a little cash and a part time job does that, but even getting a private lesson (or two, or three) can be a hassle, in that you can't get out of it easily. eventually these things do end, but i suspect i would want out of it long before a student would want/need to finish.

what i'm thinking of is getting a 'real' job, because there might not be any in a couple of years. as it is now, there is plenty of jobs on gaijinpot and that sort of thing, but who knows in a year or two? should i get a job now so that, at the very least, i have a year or two of salary saved up, plus a job that i can (most likely) keep, or do i wait? and if nothing else, it will look good on my resume. or, do i indulge myself? spend at least another year at home with my beautiful babies without a worry about who needs to be where, when, who needs a lunch, ect. plenty of time for that in the future.


*sigh* that's why i'm waffling. i don't know what to do!