it's hard to capture how beautiful my children are, especially sasha. i have ordered a book on digital photography, i really hopes it improves my technique!

this morning, after hiro got on the bus, i got sasha and tommy in the car, got my bags out of the house, and tried to start the car. but it didn't start. not cool. i called yoshi, and he called the dealer. someone showed up about thirty minutes later and determined it was the battery. he jumped the car, and i think he said it might have been the cold. and that car batteries last about ten years. hm. well, yoshi is going to get a new one this weekend.

today was a 'shopping' day at the yochien, and parents could go observe. i didn't go, though, mainly because of tommy and sasha. *sigh* i would like to go, but i'm so tired.

after hiro got home, i had to go to recycling. hiro fell asleep in the car, but the evening really wasn't any different than any last week. darn. i was hoping a quick drive in the car so hiro could sleep would do the trick. *sigh*