blog 365 was a good experience for me. hm...experience doesn't seem to be quite the right word. but i think that making the effort to post every day helped me to post more often. that seems like a silly thing to say, so please let me explain.

when i tried to post every day, even if it was just a line or two, or even just a picture, it meant that i kept going. too often (before blog 365) i would let a day pass by, then two, then it seemed like a week or two had gone by and i hadn't written about anything, though plenty had happened. by then it seemed silly to write about things that had happened ages ago, and so i wouldn't write and then i'd feel guilty because i'd miss things like hiro's increasing vocabulary, or sasha's interest in all things slimy.

i know that there are some people who hate short or one line posts. but even those little ones helped me create a continuum, something day to day, and maybe something that conveyed the idea of how overwhelming some days really were. although i don't write about the crap, there is plenty of crap in day to day life with three children, three and under. (a lot of that was my loss of patience every day, i am sad to say that i have a limited amount. but far more than i had when i was a child. or when i was twenty. or even thirty i think...)

a drawback from writing every day is starting to share too much. oops. i am sure there are plenty of people out there who would be very happy not hearing about breastfeeding in public in front of creepy old men, or the return of my menstrual period. in general i don't really care either way, but i do hope i didn't offend anyone with any TMI posts in the past year. lol

one of the reasons i decided to do blog 365 was to show more pictures, to improve my picture taking and to take more pictures of me with children. i don't know if i accomplished either of these goals (definitely not the second one!) but i do hope that everyone enjoyed the pictures.

just because i am not doing blog 365 this year it doesn't mean i'm not going to write often. i just won't be knocking myself out to make sure i have at least one post a day.