well, if you hadn't noticed, i'm taking a break from nablopomo this month. *phew* i am glad to have completed blog 365, and i have some thoughts bouncing around in my head about that, so hopefully i'll have a post sometime soon (and not in april, which would make the whole thing ironic...)

so...four days without internet. it's been pretty good, actually. i'm sure no one really missed me and my little blog, not with the holidays. i hope everyone had a safe and happy new year celebration, especially those of us who spent them in freezing houses with broken toilets. (don't worry, it's a 'drop toilet' so it doesn't matter if the handle doesn't work properly. at least it's broken in a way that makes it still usable. oh, and the in-laws got a western-style conversion toilet, which is still annoying because you're not in the right position to properly drop in toilet paper--which wouldn't be a problem if the toilet wasn't broken! haha)

i went to bed early on new year's eve, once again, but i have to admit that this isn't one of my favorite holidays. i don't hate it, don't get me wrong, but i've never really 'rung in the new year' so i don't really miss it by going to bed early with the wee ones. i much more prefer getting sasha to sleep than trying to not look bored with my husband's family. ahem.

no pictures of the holiday, though we did get a couple with hiro's camera. maybe we can upload them and then everyone can see how well the thing works. lol

anyway, hope everyone is safe and warm, or safe and cool as the case may be. happy new year!