well, tommy can walk now! today he showed of his 'frankenstein' walk for kuri and the pinglet. sooooo cute, though i say it myself. *sigh* my last baby is not a baby. (although, come to think of it, sasha has been acting like a baby lately. not so pleasant. but she's so darn cute!)

tommy has been able to walk for a while now, but he's been a bit hesitant to do it on his own. he loves to hold your hand while walking. but now he is gaining confidence and seems to be ready to start running after his brother and sister. i can hardly wait (going to the bus stop will be easier, for one thing.)

i do miss my cuddly baby from last winter, though, who could only sleep if he was sleeping on my chest. *sigh* well, at least i have fond memories. he's still really affectionate, often leaning against one of us, or giving delicious baby hugs. everyone loves him, he is a lucky baby!