...when you don't want to spend any more time with your kids? i don't mean forever and ever, just...when you've reached your limit and need some time alone. i spend so much time with my children during the day and almost all night, too. sometimes i need some quiet. sometimes i need to do something for me. sometimes i just want to eat something without someone begging for a bite (or the whole plate). and sometimes i DON'T want to feel guilty about wanting to be away from my kids. *sigh*

today yoshi wanted to go to the aquarium in the city, but he also wants his parents to come on sunday because he needs a haircut. well, the house doesn't get very clean when it's just me and the children so i didn't want to go. we talked about it last night and i thought i made it very clear that i didn't want to go, but that's not how yoshi heard it. ugh, i hate shouting, i hate saying the same damn thing over and over but seriously? i didn't want to go and the house needs attention too sometimes.

i don't want to sound like i'm complaining, i love my children and they are well taken care of and are much loved and appreciated. but taking care of children isn't a one-person job. everyone needs a break at their job! in our house there are two parents so we both need to spend time with children, and spend time alone. my husband is gone for much of the day, and it's hard on him driving to and from work, plus dealing with work things, but the children miss him so it shouldn't be such a burden for him to spend a few hours on the weekend with them. i know it can be hard because he doesn't know all the 'tricks' or each child's quirks (but hey, he can learn, right?) but i do need some time away from the noise. is that too much to ask?