Baby's close-up

i am no longer participating in the weekly contest at iHeartFaces. when i first heard of the blog, i was under the impression that anyone could enter and all photos would be eligible to win. and technically, i guess this is true. but only photos that have been edited and 'made pretty' are actually considered for the top photos, and thus, first prize.

i don't edit my photos (i guess that should be pretty obvious). sure, there's the occasional boost of color or sharpening or even some cropping. but i don't have photoshop (of any kind) or lightroom or piknik or whatever is out there. i don't change my photos. i think that would be dishonest of me.

water lily

for what it's worth, hiro has a strawberry mark, right there in the middle of his face. i will NEVER edit that out. and sure, my photos are not professional, i'm not claiming that all my pictures are perfect right out of the camera all of the time, but if i take a photo, and then edit things into it (or out) then that's not a true representation of what i captured.

as usual, a photo site that's 'for the people' has once again turned elitist. i'm surprised it only took a few weeks.

baby and daddy

this is my OPINION, i am not putting down those who do edit; yes the pictures look prettier (scarier, moodier, whateverier) and i guess in advertising that is what we're looking at (we all know that most ads are photoshopped out of their life, right?), and i'm not looking down my nose at those who continue to enter the weekly contest at iHeartFaces. it's just not for me. i don't feel like entering a contest i'll never win, even if the prize is just a little button to put on the sidebar of my blog.

mr. bright eyes