so, i want to try to make this recipe, but i don't have a plate that makes my heart go "pitter-pat". so, i've been looking for one. most stores don't seem to have the shape i'm looking for, so i decided to start looking in recycle shops.

after looking in three stores, i finally found this:

maybe not quite the right shape, and my heart isn't beating fast, but it's pretty. and i'm sure it will work for a yummy cake!

one of the stores i visited is huge. they seem to have acres and acres of dishes! in front they have lots of tables LOADED with dishes (i should take a picture some time.) they're all out there all the time, even in the rain. today as i searched through them i was pouring water out of them.

i thought all the dishes were outside. oh no. there were plenty more 'inside' (i put single quotes on that word because this place is almost like a series of buildings and storage units connected with plastic roofing and rotting's kinda scary, actually). as i was going through everything (!) i found this gorgeous vegetable bowl:

and this beautiful platter:

both of these pieces are noritake, and i think i got a really decent price on them. now i have a beautiful serving dish and a platter for roasts. yay!