i didn't sleep well last night. i seemed to be over-heated, which is weird because the weather has definitely returned to cold. i am between blankets as well, since both hiro and sasha want to share theirs with me. that means i get the ends of two comforters, but then as the night progresses, things move and either my front or my back gets left out in the cold. i have a lighter blanket on, of course, but since i have no winter pajamas, i get pretty cold without a heavy blanket! *sigh* i also seemed to be having pretty weird dreams, which is actually unusual because i haven't remembered any dreams since tommy was born (too tired to wake up during a dream, which is how you remember a dream i believe.) so anyway, i am really tired right now.

thankfully everyone is ready for bed--and tommy is IN bed--so we'll be saying nighty-night pretty soon. hiro hasn't had a nap today so i'm sure he'll be asleep before he knows it. haha

my exciting news for the day is i got a frying pan! yay! sure, you're probably thinking, 'no big deal.' but for the longest time i have been longing for a cast iron pan. we have the tiniest little (cast iron) pan (seriously, maybe four or five inches across) that yoshi brought to the marriage (i have no idea where he got it, but it's the only pan in japan that i've used to make perfect eggs-over-easy). so on the tenth, when i was at AEON ('tuesday market' and double points day, a good day to shop!) i was wandering around the kitchen area (looking for a serving plate, i'm sure i'll never find one!!) and saw the le creuset enameled pots (*le drool*) and there they were: le creuset cast iron pans! in two sizes no less, and three colors. i *had* to have one! i waited until today because the 'waon' card grants you a 5% discount on the 20th and 30th. i got the larger size, and now i am happy! :D

maybe not that big a deal but i'm tired of non-stick pans, and yoshi doesn't want to use aluminum (but do those even work with IH cookers?) so this pan is going to be great!