...but thankfully the computer survived its milk splash. just the tiniest bit of milk got on/in the macbook, honest. and i'm not even sure how it happened. *sigh* well, all that matters is that it started working again late this afternoon. and how clever of the computer to not turn on until dry. good boy.

anyway, for the past three days i have been feeling like hell. the lymph nodes in my neck have been swollen, so much so i can hardly move my neck. i have a slight earache from it and it's painful to swallow. my sinuses have been stuffed and maybe even slightly inflamed for about two weeks now, so maybe that's what's causing my swollen lymph nodes. it sucks. LUCKILY, i have these super-fantabulous pain killers from my ob/gyn (for my painful menstrual symptoms) and they have gone SO FAR in reducing my pain that i can function. very important when you have three small children to care for! ah yes, today was hiro's last day of school, and now he's on spring break! and what a lovely day it was today, too.

well, i should take another pill and go to bed. i seem to be developing a cough. and the pill will probably wear off by 5 am and i will have to crawl downstairs to the kitchen to take another, then drag myself to the futons and try to get a little more sleep before hiro and sasha come searching for me (again. *sigh* they always find me at night!), like i did this morning. *sigh* good night!