thank you for the well-wishes and advice. i am feeling LOADS better today. i might go to the doctor on saturday. it depends on how i feel. to be honest, i don't even know where to go. the ob/gyn is pretty much the only doctor i've been to in years. well, there was the one clinic i went to when i broke my ass. and i went to the akama hospital for something, once. can't remember why, now. hm. oh! and i went to the dermatologist earlier this season because of some serious dry skin. anyway, where to go? there's no way i can go with the kids. no way. so, maybe i can go on saturday. that way yoshi can watch the kids, *and* tell me where to go. ha!

i got a speeding ticket today. i KNOW! *sigh* a bit further up the road, though, there was a really bad accident and i couldn't help thinking...the bike cop stopped the wrong speeder. i hope no one was badly hurt. AND, i hope i can keep my lead foot from getting me into trouble. i was going pretty fast so i need to be good for a year (to get this latest ticket off my license) or i'll be in pretty big trouble. i shoulda stayed home today except i needed to go to the post office, and i wanted to get some material for hiro's new bento bag. *sigh* i promise to be a safety driver from now on.