so, it only took me three days to make. *sigh* it's an 'easy' pattern, but i am SUCH a beginner that it takes me so long. i messed up the neckline at least three times. ha! but it turned out really cute. it's similar to the dress and hat i made last year (sorry, i can't even look up when i posted about it....) you can see it's slightly too big. i made a size 3. the fabric is SO CUTE, don't you think? very summery. i can hardly wait for warmer weather!


when i had sasha stand up against the wall for photos, tommy had to get in on the act:

taking a picture together

(as you can see, he is still on his pajamas kick!)

it didn't rain much today, so we did go do what yoshi wanted to. if i have time later tonight, i'll write about it. until then, a teaser of my next sewing project....

quilt square