i don't really know what it's exactly about, but yoshi heard about this year-long farming thing and wanted to join. it's not really farming, judging by the first lecture, which was about planting and seeds and when to plant. then we weeded the onion patch. actually, we were late to the lecture so i'm not sure what the first bit was about. the stuff we showed up in time for was yama-imo (ew...something i don't eat...) we weren't really prepared, either, although i did put boots on hiro and sasha (tommy doesn't have boots...) but all three kids got very muddy from the waist down.

it didn't rain much yesterday. i was in a pretty bad mood, though, because we got up late, were going to arrive late and the kids were NOT cooperating in even just getting dressed. i did NOT want to go, but this was something yoshi really wanted to do. he thought the kids would enjoy it. i think my annoyed-ness is why i forgot it was yoshi's birthday yesterday!!

apparently each family pays 10,000 yen for the year (well, march through november) of meetings. i'm fairly certain that any 'crop' will be divided up and each will take his fair share. the meetings will be once a month (well, except twice in may and none in june) and will be about certain things. yesterday was planting summer (spring?) veggies. yama-imo needs to be planted early because they taste best if they have a long time to grow. or something. i personally don't eat slimy food so i didn't pay too much attention. we also learned that pumpkins and cucumbers are the easiest vegetables to grow. hm.

afterward we found a nishimatsuya to get the kids new pants and socks, and then we went to lunch. then we had the drive home from hell, since both hiro and tommy didn't want to be in car seats. somehow sasha fell asleep during all the howling. eventually, yoshi, hiro and even tommy fell asleep. *sigh* yoshi really enjoyed the day, and i think the kids did, too, though it certainly was freaking cold yesterday! as cold as january! ick. but i even got a sunburn on my face. *sigh* hopefully next time will be better!