yesterday we had plans to meet up with kuri. hiro woke up earlier than usual, and then sasha woke up, too. we went downstairs and had furikake rice for breakfast (since sasha and tommy had polished off the last of the cereal the day before for snack), and then they got their last dose of medicine. it makes them pretty sleepy so i didn't think much of hiro's sleepiness, but by the time we met kuri, pinglet and kuri's mom for lunch, it was pretty obvious that hiro had a high fever. poor guy!

we had lunch, where hiro rejected his udon and pretty much slept on his chair. tommy made his classic restaurant mess, and sasha wandered around a lot. lol it was lovely to meet up with our friends, but i felt so bad for poor hiro. after lunch we had to change a couple of diapers, and i let sasha ride the merry go round with kuri (she wanted to go on monday but i didn't let her because i knew we'd be meeting up with kuri later in the week), but then we went to the pharmacy in jusco to get some cold medicine for children for the ride home. sasha was starting to get hot, too (though never as hot as hiro) but high enough for a dose of cold medicine. then the kids slept on the way home.

thank goodness for the double stroller, that's all i have to say.

hiro and sasha both got 'bum bullets' before bed and they are fever-free (knock on wood) this morning. but i think we need a day at home to rest!