we did go out briefly yesterday. i needed to go to the supermarket, something i meant to do on tuesday but couldn't, because hiro was feeling so bad. so, in the morning we went to the okagaki aeon supercenter. there i got bread and meat and things, and the kids had an onigiri and juice snack before we went home. after lunch, they all took a three hour nap, without medication, which was a bit unusual, but i welcomed the quiet! the poor dears have been so cranky since we went to the pediatrician last week. at least the fevers were gone. such a relief.

today we had to go out in the morning again, but just like yesterday, hiro and sasha didn't feel well after lunch and slept a lot in the afternoon. it's just as well because even though it's sunny, there is such a wind, a chilly, cutting wind and i'd rather not be out in it. spring will be here soon enough.

speaking of spring, one of my daffodils has bloomed. and all my crocuses (flowers) are gone. AND, the sunflowers that i planted have sprouted. i'm also attempting to grow a fuschia again this year and have that in a planter in the back. next i need to get some veggies. i think i'm in charge of tomatoes this year. or something. i really wish i could do hanging baskets but i don't really have any where to hang them. oh well, maybe someday.

i really need to do pictures, i have finished my sudoku quilt, and have started a couple of crochet projects. first, i have to charge a battery, though....