gaijin wife tagged me with this meme, but i'm pretty sure i did it last year. but i can't find the post, but i remember writing that i loved my kids, my family, my putting those things aside (because of course i love my kids and my family, and although my car totally embarrassed me last week, i still love having it) let me see if i can come up with seven more things i love.

1. i love the summer. without a doubt, my favorite season. especially if it's easy to get to the beach. bring on the warm weather!

2. i love chocolate ice cream!

3. i love onsen! i wish we could go to onsen more often.

4. i love going barefoot. which is just another way to say i hate socks! sadly, i have to wear socks often in japan, especially when going somewhere that i will have to take off my shoes....

5. i love babies!! thankfully the baby lust has nearly worn off. but i still love itty bitty babies!

6. i love taking pictures. i haven't been able to do that much recently, because we've all been so sick.

7. i love making things with my hands. i have so many projects going at the moment! yikes!

i should tag some people, but i think most everyone i 'know' has been tagged. let me know what you love, if you want to, in the comments section!