ugh, it sucks to be a day behind. we didn't do anything special today, though, so i guess that's something.

anyway, yoshi invited his parents over so he could get a haircut, so i decided to go to the city! yay. i wanted to check out the fabric store and see if i could find another. AND, i totally needed a sandwich from subway.

when i got to tenjin, as usual, i had to go to the bathroom. i went to the closest MOS burger. when i walked in, there was a white guy who shouted out, 'hey, another american!' seriously, i thought he might have been 'special', but it turns out he's here on business (and fun) and it's possible i was the first white person he had seen since he got to japan. it was actually nice to be recognized by another foreigner and having a conversation.

i walked a LOT and got a few things (elephant fabric!) and then had a sit down in tulleys. phew, i was so tired!

that's it, nothing really exciting but it was so nice to go to tenjin on my own and check out three (three!) fabric and craft stores.