i boiled some eggs this morning so hiro and sasha could dye them for easter. one of them cracked, though, and since i only cooked ten, that wouldn't do. so, i decided to go to the store and get more eggs (and milk. and bread. and curry roux.) we all piled into the car (geez, that's getting more and more difficult) and on the road hiro said he wanted to go to WEST yakiniku. (well, he actually said he wanted chicken and ice cream. but he meant west yakiniku. trust me.) since he goes back to yochien tomorrow (and today is the last day for all of us to spend together for a while), i decided to humor him. i had to stop at NAFCO, a kind of hardware/DIY store, because they have a nishinihon city bank ATM and i needed some cash. guess what! i got my ¥12,000 from the gov'ment. yay. ahem.

anyway, we enjoyed our lunch (where i only pay about 1500 yen for the four of us. that includes AYCE rice, miso soup and cabbage. not that my kids eat cabbage, but you know...) the kids especially enjoy the salad bar because they have soft serve ice cream. after lunch we went to the supermarket to get eggs (and milk. and bread. and curry roux.) and then straight back home. now it is nap time and lord help me we're going to color eggs today. yikes!