today hiro's school had a 'ensoku', an outing of sorts. often these involve walking from the school to somewhere, having a few games and then eating lunch together. afterward the children may have some time to play and then everyone walks back to the school. for hiro's school, though, we all met at the community park (or one of the community parks in the city), maybe because the kindergarten is way out in the middle of nowhere. i do not exactly enjoy getting together with everyone (especially a lot of people i don't know) and do activities together, but it was mainly on our own (not competitive) and was fun.

it was sunny today but the wind was COLD! quite nice except during lunch (we sat in the shade), i am glad it didn't rain. as for lunch, i brought sandwiches and raisins (i forgot the carrot sticks!!) it was a nice outing on a nice spring day.