so, the other day suzanne at gaijin mama tagged me for a meme. five things i love about being a mom. this meme started out over on her bad mother, if you'd like to learn more about it. this should be easy, right? in fact, the difficulty lies in just narrowing the list down to five. hope you enjoy:

1. i love soft baby skin. i know this doesn't last forever, but for now i am enjoying the softness. mmmmm, soft baby cheeks to nuzzle and kiss. peachy!

2. the love is amazing. my adorable little munchkins love me. that helps a lot in the moments when they're driving me crazy.

3. seeing them learn something. something new almost every day. tommy started going down the steps by himself the other day. hiro and sasha pretend play. (the spitting wasn't something i appreciated them learning, but hey, what can you do?)

4. playing. yes, i'm just a big kid!

5. cozy cuddly time. nap time, book reading time, after bath time...

so, the next part is tagging. tag some people (moms, though i bet dads would be fine, too). around the world. so, here i am tagging: gaijin wife, drama mama, slime, shinshu life, chelle and tigermama.