hiro's birth announcement, which i finished before he was born (except for the birth date and weight, of course). i had it framed more than three years ago, but even though i went as early as i could, it wasn't finished before i had to return to japan. so, it's been in my mother's house for a looooong time. that is, until my brother visited and brought this in a suitcase. thank you john!!

sasha's announcement:

another announcement

um, yeah. sasha will be three in a few months. *sigh* oh well, i guess i could claim that i've been busy! and then, i just recently got into knitting and crochet. i am working on a couple of crochet projects at the moment, but i intend to start knitting a baby blanket for a neighbor. (hm...wonder if i should get some caffeine pills...just kidding!)

both of these projects are from this book, which my mother sent me. she also sent me the yarn (thanks mom!) because i have not seen red heart here (where i live) in japan. first is an afghan called reversible shells. i actually couldn't understand the instructions but i asked on red heart's website and got an answer back, and now i can do it no problem! talk about customer service!! i actually took a picture of the 'wrong' side, because at the moment i'm working on a row of white. the multi-color is continuous, but the white has to be fastened off on its row.

baby blanket

tommy and sasha petting the blanket:

'wrong' side

folded over so you can see the front:

reversible shells

and...i'm still working on the rose in bloom afghan. i only have four squares completed, meaning i've woven in the ends (of yarn). i have more than twenty altogether finished (i need to make 70).

four squares done


close up block

(pssst! this is my third post today. be sure to check the previous two posts if you haven't read them already!)