the front planter box

since it's spring it seems like everyone is posting pictures of their gardens. well, those who have them, anyway. our main yard/garden is chock full of weeds, so i seriously doubt i'll be posting any pictures of it soon, but the front of a house has a planter box which is small enough for me to keep up with the weeds! the magenta and 'strawberry' petunias have been in there for three springs now. i had no idea petunias were such an awesome flower: they bloom all summer and survive the winter! cool.

purple and strawberry petunias

as you can see in this photo, i have some mini sunflowers that are coming along well. the daffodils still have leaves out, too. too bad they didn't flower this year!

white petunias

the white petunias i planted last year, and i think they're a bigger flower than the others. ah well, i still think they're pretty. i also love that little geranium next to it, the flowers are so pretty! that's saying something, because i hate geraniums in general.

spattered geranium


ok, last we have some of my planters. mini petunias in yellow and red, an orange mini rose, a green plant that i have completely forgotten the name of (new leaves come in pink and white, almost like flowers) and then a big container with a little tree (which was damaged by wind the other night...), ivy and some pansies. i'm not sure if i'm going to get rid of the pansies this year.

(this post was meant to be with the previous one, but i thought it got a bit picture-heavy with all the baby pictures of sasha. please check out the previous post, too. and hopefully i'll have another post up later today!)