...except maybe, thank goodness the weekend is over! that may sound funny, especially since i get my 'free time' on the weekend. but i think there's a little more structure to our lives...or maybe it's just that yoshi isn't under my feet...during the week. actually this weekend was rather stressful because yoshi had to work all day saturday (although, even though he left the house very early (6ish), he came back around 5:30) and then his parents came over today (which meant i had to do a major cleaning. i never get to clean properly during the week, so we usually do tidying up on the weekend, but when yoshi's parents come we have a LOT to do. although, the house is still pretty decent from my brother's visit.) aunt flo is scheduled to visit any minute so i think i'm just crabbier than usual (and you know me, i can be pretty crabby. ;)

so we are well and hopefully we'll be able to recover tomorrow (after hiro has gone to school. hopefully without dramatics). hope you all have a good week!