ok, so i've had two-and-a-half glasses of wine and am feeling quite tipsy. thank goodness yoshi came home early for a change. ;) hopefully i won't pay for it tomorrow. anyway, the title of this post is because i'm a little drunk, and if i got pregnant (which i am NOT planning and am NOT going to do) i couldn't do that, could i? well i guess i COULD, but i wouldn't. but oh, how many people i know (IRL and online) are pregnant or just had a baby? soooooo many. and i remember that gooey feeling just after giving birth and breastfeeding and soft squishy babies...but no. not in the plans.

sooooo...maybe i could get a kitten. how does one go about finding a free kitten in japan? i do not want a pedigree kitty (because i could NOT afford it) although i feel sorry for the wee things behind the glass. but i don't know of anyone with a cat (except a neighbor with a russian blue, oh, wouldn't that be a lovely kitty to own??) but there are plenty of cats running around here. *sigh* well, i probably should wait on that.

we are all well, same old same old. hope everyone is doing well, too. especially those vacationing in hawaii!!