today i went to the clinic (which i visited last week) to get my results. i waited for one and a half hours and then had had enough. it's bad enough that i waited more than three hours last week, but to wait so long for results. i'm trying very hard not to complain, but...*sigh* i just don't understand why i didn't get an appointment. esp. for something that shouldn't take that long. i get that pregnant women go there on a regular basis. and they get appointments. but my time is important, too. there is absolutely no reason why i can't get an appointment to see a doctor and discuss the results of my tests with her.

which just goes to show that preventative medicine really isn't that important in japan. and that's about as negative as i want to go with this.

i can handle being a new patient and waiting my turn until he or she is available (and i understand how lucky i am to be seen on the same day that i go to the clinic instead of making an appointment for weeks, or months, later. although, last year i would have made an appointment for this year--except that my previous clinic seems to have disappeared.) so, i am grateful for having been seen. but i guess i won't know the results, because i JUST DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO SIT AROUND IN A CLINIC WAITING AREA FOR NO GOOD REASON. ahem.