this evening (after the kids were asleep) i went off to joyfull for some me time. i took the book, harry potter and the philosopher's stone. i haven't read this book in probably a year, and it was quite refreshing. i can see how this idea just walked into jk rowling's head, and i really love how she developed it (in the first book). i admit, i saw the movie before i read the book. i was a bit in denial about reading the books, because they were so popular. but, the movie previews looked good, so i saw it. i really enjoyed it, and i usually find the book much better than the movie, so i got the first one. then the next. and the next. i bought the british versions because i liked the covers. i thought they were nicer looking.

i have read all of the books more than once. i love to read, and if i find something really good, i love going back and revisiting all my old friends again. i can't tell you my favorite. i don't really have a favorite character (though of course, i have favorites!) and it doesn't bother me that this is a 'young reader's book, i have loved reading since i was in jr. high, where i would read anything that kept me interested!

it's harder to get books (in english) these days, at least for me. i miss going to the library. *sigh* and because of the expense, the books i buy are usually the ones i'm going to keep. there are the few that i buy and then pass on to friends, and of course there are those that i receive from others, which i then give away. but some, like harry potter, stay with me, probably forever.

even though joyfull was crowded, smoky and hot (and oh! the hambaagu smell!) i hardly noticed because i was enjoying harry's story. living in the cupboard. going to the zoo. the magical letters and then meeting hagrid....i hardly noticed the time slipping by but then i had to go home. because it was late. and i was sleepy.