i didn't forget to update yesterday, i just ran out of time.

nothing exciting to report. we did go to mr. donut and then to the game center in sun live. *sigh* what a mistake. but not too bad. hiro and sasha did run off and i couldn't find them! finally there was an announcement over the intercom and we were reunited. then it was definitely time to go home

the sun came out for a little bit in the afternoon as well. i made them go out in the back garden! LOL good thing they like to go outside.

my kids understand the concept of 'possession is nine-tenths of the law'. if tommy has something sasha wants, she will tell him to drop or throw it ('tommy, can you throw it?' *compelling voice*). then she'll grab it up. but tommy is no fool and will no longer throw or drop anything. this frustrates sasha so then the screaming begins. i think it's cute, though, aren't my kids clever? ;) (sorry for the smiley there, i think they're silly in blog posts so i try to avoid them but i do want to let you know that i'm being half facetious.)

we're coming to the end of 'chicken pox watch', which will be next monday. today is hiro's school's summer festival and i (and i alone) will be taking them so i guess i better be careful about whom and what they touch. this is probably very careless of me but hiro has been looking forward to this and i don't want to disappoint him. i'm also not sure that my kids were directly exposed to CP so....anyway, no spots, no fever and generally genki kids make me ok with taking them today. the festival is from four until 6:30 which is basically dinner (or dinner prep) time so i guess i'll do dinner at lunch and let them have lots of popcorn at the festival (unless it's icky over-salty microwave popcorn) and then light snacks after we get home. better go prepare some rice!