end of week two. yay.

the festival was noisy (and annoying, but that's just me, i'm sure) and only *one* child followed me around (because i'm gaijin you know.) oh, and only *one* older brother shouted 'HI!!!!' while lifting his arm, but i was pretty busy herding my three so i felt comfortable ignoring him (this really bothers me, and i think it's my own personality (being shouted at--even if friendly-like, is not something i enjoy) but i also feel bad ignoring people. *sigh*) so there were games, and a bouncy house, and some kind of mikoshi going around (decorated by children, cute), but hiro and sasha were quite shy so it took a while for us to go around to each 'station'. even tommy got really shy and insisted i carry him a lot.

there were some performances, and then we were free to go. i took the kids to the park, and we had some onigiri and tea. then it was home.

sorry, gotta go to the farming lecture--i've run out of time!