a better day than yesterday. i forgot to tell you: tommy fell out the sliding door downstairs. the screen door is pretty much broken (we use that door the most) and he pushed on it and it fell and boom! he fell right on his head. poor little guy. guess that means someone fell out of a window yesterday.

anyway, today. what is up with the rain?!? yoshi just called and said he'd be even later than expected because there's so much water and a nearby river flooded! not exactly sure where, maybe not right where he is but hell, fukuoka city has a flood! yikes! times like these when i wish we had TV. hm, might fire up the keitai TV after hiro and sasha are asleep.

this morning i wanted to take them to a shopping center, one with covered parking but they were in such bickering moods that i didn't want to risk taking them out in public! so, we pretty much stayed home today. i did go to coin laundry to dry some things, but other than that we stayed in. and it just poured outside. freakishly poured. i can't get over it! well, i guess i *can*, but it's just crazy! and it's still raining pretty steadily. i hope no one gets hurt!

so, i broke out the wii fit. i haven't done it in such a long time! the last time i got it out the board wouldn't work for me. this time it wouldn't even turn on! luckily it just needed new batteries so i could use it. would hate to have to replace it! doing some of the balance games showed me how flabby my midsection really is. i don't mean fat, i mean the muscles are so loose. from giving birth to three children, i am sure. next, billy's boot camp....

well, sasha and hiro have tucked themselves into the futon so i better go in there and send them off to dreamland.