well, this is going to be interesting. i think they turned the water off at around three this afternoon. there was a vehicle driving around the neighborhood announcing something, though i couldn't understand the words (what is it with loudspeakers??) except for three in the afternoon. i guess my japanese really is crap.

anyway, there was a note in the mailbox as well and it looks as though they're worried about the safety of the water as there was so much dumped here yesterday and last night. seriously, it rained hard all night. i don't think it stopped raining until eight this morning. we haven't had any rain since then, but it's seriously dark and broody down south (toward fukuoka city) so it's probably raining there. this year isn't rainy season, it's monsoon season! fingers crossed it's just a fluke and we won't have the same thing next year.

we prepared rice just after seeing the notice but now i have no water in my brita pitcher and nothing is coming out of the taps. and the water in the tub is nasty bath salty water (you know, those disk thingys that fizz and add color/scent to the water). the hot water heater is filled but the hot tap in the kitchen didn't produce any water, so i'm not sure we can get any of it out (via the bath).

anyway, we seem to be doing ok otherwise. today yoshi had to go to the airport to pick something up for work, and he took the gaia to two different places for shaken mitsumori ('road tax'(??) estimate) and at the moment i'm home alone with tommy. such a sweet boy, i love spending one-on-one time with him!! hope everyone else in kyushu is doing well and that next week is sunny summer!