yellow and pink hibiscus dress

finished dress for sasha. just another simple A line dress. i got the fabric (nearly four yards of it!) last year on sale. i made a size three so hopefully she can wear it next summer, too.


this is one of two remnant pieces i got. when i bought them i thought i'd make the A line dress, but neither one was quite wide enough for a full dress. (they were cut 50 cm wide--fabric length is 110 cm.) so, plan B is the A line dress with a contrasting fabric.

red dress

i got the contrast fabric yesterday (solid white) and plan on finishing it this afternoon. i am really pleased with the sides of the dress because they match up perfectly, with very little effort on my part!

side view light

side view dark

i can hardly wait to finish the dress!

next, the local fabric store was having a special sale and i got a couple of bundles of fabric. first i got a black one, and found a beautiful floral print to match.

black and white bundle

pink and black flowers

my original idea was to do a simple four patch quilt and then cut out the pink and black flowers and applique them here and there. but...i don't really like one of the prints (the jigsaw puzzle one, to be honest) so i think i'll do a strip of the pink and black flowers and use it for blocks, as well as use the flowers for some applique. not a lot, because i think it will be a waste of fabric.

the ends of a couple of the fabrics also have borders so that will make for a random square here and there.

floral end

keyboard ends

i got another bundle of fabric, a green one, because i thought it was so pretty.

green bundle