i was able to put the futons out yesterday!! they were getting pretty manky, it was gross! possibly the worst thing about rainy season: can't hang out the bedding. *sigh* yoshi even beat them and then brought them downstairs for me. what a man. *swoon* (i'm serious!)

it was sunny this morning so i put out the wash, too. then it started to rain so i brought it back in. a few minutes later it was sunny again. *sigh* the worst part about the end of rainy season is that it can't make up it's mind whether to finish or not! we need a nice (not too strong nor destructive) typhoon. that usually sends rainy season out. i put the laundry out again and it didn't rain again (as far as i know).

saturday i found a huge caterpillar and using the previous caterpillar page, i found out it becomes a moth. yes, i captured it, and bought a new bug box for it. i think i'm turning japanese! ha! it has already made a cocoon, which is something new and different for the kids to see. too bad it becomes a boring white moth and not a beautiful big colorful thing.

i made another dress for sasha today. well, almost. i got a couple of remnants and neither one was quite big enough for the dress. it's in two pieces so two remnants are fine--if they were wide enough. but no fear! going for version two they work (actually, one remnant would work) and i just needed to get a contrasting fabric. which i did today (and hey! i forgot my wallet and had to go back home to get it, that was fun) and will hopefully finish it tomorrow. pictures tomorrow, too (i hope!)

i recently got some fabric for making a quilt and hope to share that with you tomorrow, too. until then, i have two small ones waiting for me to brush their teeth.