happy sasha

wow, i can hardly believe that my baby girl is already three! i can remember when she was just a little scrap of a thing, and now she's a walking, talking little girl. *sigh*

sweet face

sasha is very spirited, and wants to be with me all the time, so sometimes she drives me quite crazy. i do love her to bits, though, and try to cherish this time. who knows when she'll hate her mom and be embarrassed by everything i do! LOL

looking ahead

she loves her little brother very much, and loves hiro, too, except when they're fighting! and maybe even then, she loves hiro. she's a curious girl!


yesterday we had a birthday party. some friends couldn't come (hope you're all feeling better!!) but rachel and her girls did come. thanks so much for coming and making sasha's birthday fun! we had loads (and loads!) of food, lots of balloons, and even splashed around outside for a bit, though it wasn't really very hot. hiro really loves rachel's older girls, they're like instant older sisters (ones who actually play with you, not shut the door to your room and tell you to stay out! LOL). this morning he said he wanted friends to visit again today! sasha had fun once she warmed up and laughed a lot!

laughing sasha

we are very lucky to have sasha in our lives!! happy third birthday, darling girl!