birthday girl at hard rock cafe

yesterday we went to the hard rock cafe in fukuoka for sasha's birthday! we were very lucky because kuri and pinglet was able to meet us there. the kids didn't really eat their lunch, though. *sigh* i had ordered the HRC cheeseburger and was disappointed in it (too bland) so i ate sasha's mac & cheese. i also had them box up hiro and tommy's spaghetti and actually managed to get all three of them to eat it for dinner! (score!!)

we had a great time hanging out, walking all over the mall, although i had a raging headache. i got some aspirin and soon felt better. i also got some cute clothes at the gap, i love getting things there for the kids. the summer stuff is pretty much gone, except in the infant boy's section. i got a few t-shirts for hiro. i also got a few things for sasha so i got my gap fix in! i rarely go and i'm probably missing out on cute stuff all the time, but it's so far to go to fukuoka city, and even farther to go to the gap in kita-q. *sigh* i wish one of the AEON malls around here had a gap...

anyway, today, i feel like i'm walking around muddled, i am quite tired. it's like i hit a wall at around 11 and i really hope i'm not coming down with a summer cold. it's like i didn't sleep enough, though i went to bed at 9:30, and got up at 6....keeping fingers crossed i'm not sick. the kids have been trying all morning, too, though not as bad as usual. tommy was a bit warm so i'll be taking his temp once he gets up from his nap. hiro and sasha went to sleep quite easily at 12:30 so i should probably take their temps as well. *sigh* please, let's not get sick right before sasha's b-day!

anyway, about the pic above, i should have made some adjustments. obviously the camera is set up to take stunning photos outside, indoors not so much. but i don't always have time to fiddle around with the damn thing when i have small children to deal with.