i don't have a lot of time at the moment. yoshi has taken the kids and his parents out for a drive, and should be home soon. yes, since his parents are here visiting, i got lots of time to myself. of course, that means doing recycle, too, but that's ok. i went to my new favorite craft store in you-me town (there are two now). it's my favorite because they sell noro yarn. the lady in the shop recognized me from before (i asked if they ever have anything other than chirimen and taiyo) and told me today that they would be getting the fall/winter noro in soon, maybe next week. i asked her what kind and she told me kureyon. woo hoo! kureyon has such exciting colors. i also asked if it's possible to make and order and she said sure. i looked at the catalog and it looks like i could order sock yarn (either kureyon or silk garden) so i foresee very colorful socks in my future. that is, if i ever figure them out. *sigh*

yeah, that was my exciting day. how was your sunday?