well, i finished two scarves yesterday afternoon: the dreaded fringe. actually, fringe is easy, it's just not knitting and involves lots of cutting, so i've been putting it off.

first is the 'one ball scarf', which was an inexpensive ball of yarn (maybe 700 yen), big enough for one scarf without adding another. so, not many ends to weave in. it's more purple than red in real life.

finished scarf


knit/purl side

then, the noro striped scarf that i made. turned out quite pretty, but 'manly', so i think yoshi will claim it. that's fine. i'm hoping to find some kureyon soon and be more adventurous. i also have a pattern for a kid's scarf in two (or three?) shades of kureyon so maybe my kids will be cute little hipsters this winter....

finished scarf

pretty blues and greys


and in knitting/crafting news, cassie has opened up shop, you should check out her drool-worthy yarns! i especially like the violent violet!!