silver week isn't going to happen every year, as far as i can tell. only when the first day of fall (sept. 23 here in japan) is on the wednesday after respect for the aged day. i think. i'm not sure how the whole holiday thing works here, but hey, yoshi got five days off (in a row!) (well, that is until last friday when there was some 'trouble' and yoshi got roped into working on the 22nd and 23rd. *sigh*)

anyway, months ago i called my friend victoria and asked if we could come during 'silver' week. i called 'early' because i knew she'd be going to england, then come home in time for obon and with my faulty memory i might forget to call and make sure she wasn't busy otherwise. she WAS very busy, but she graciously let us come and visit, and even extend our stay by one night. thankfully she has the room for us *and* we know how to stay out of the way...

saturday we started out an hour later than planned and had to stop for lunch (at joyfull. 'joyfull' it wasn't.) when we finally got to victoria's, i was ready for a nap! victoria was doing make-up (english) lessons for september, so the kids just played and yoshi supervised. i was in charge of dinner, and we had chili (meat and vegetarian--two separate pots, obviously) with rice, and a chicken ramen salad (made by victoria, not me, though i definitely helped chop veggies. although i think courtney did more than i!) dinner was lovely and after my children were in bed, courtney and i knitted while the three of us chatted. it was a lovely evening.

i am trying to remember sunday but i think i had too much sparkling wine that evening to properly remember! i think that day there was a celebration for the autumnal equinox, so i took the kids (and victoria's daughter) out to play in playgrounds, because yoshi wanted to attend. we came back for bentos, then went out for a bath at the local onsen (the five of us plus victoria's three children. yoshi got to drive jiichan's new car....) we got back in time to meet S and her husband and guests. they also brought whole chickens for roasting in dutch ovens (stuffed with garlic and roasted over potatoes, yum yum!) i had brought three bottles of sparkling wine and celebrated my birthday perhaps a bit too much! i didn't sleep well that night, and when i had finally dozed off, a little mukade ran across my arm and creeped me right the hell out! i didn't sleep after that.

we asked to stay monday night because yoshi feared that the traffic would be really bad. our plan was to leave very early on tuesday (which we did! very little traffic this morning!) the temple was having a wedding celebration on tuedsay, and with the celebration they had on sunday, they were thrown for a loop when an elderly neighbor died early sunday morning! it never ends, hey! i have great respect for victoria, she certainly has plenty to do. i am always happy to visit with her and certainly hope i never add to her stress! we have a great time laughing and talking, when she's not busy with everything else! anyway, luckily there was room for us to stay (it wasn't certain for a few hours sunday morning...) and they kindly let us stay one more night. we probably won't be able to go again until golden week, so i am glad we were able to go this past weekend.

when we got home, there were notices in the post box for a package (for me!) from my mom. i got a gorgeous cardigan and FIVE skeins of noro yarn! i am in heaven! thanks mom!!!

surprisingly, i have very few photos from this past weekend. i had too much fun!!