just pms-ing, but not much fun. we got to see kuri and pinglet on wednesday, all four of us, which was a lot of fun. i was nearly in the doghouse with them because i left my keitai at home (why yes, i am scatterbrained. it was recharging...) but we've met up there plenty of times to figure out where we usually hang out. plus i sat my kids down and let them do sticker books, so....anyway, we had fun as usual, and since we didn't have to hurry home to meet hiro's bus, it was a nice long afternoon.

yesterday we didn't do much. i made goya champuru which the kids just scarfed down. it helps that i use the homegrown goya and serve dinner late so that everyone is sooooo hungry! but we stayed home all day and kinda vegged. i need to clean this house but i am not really in the mood. ha! but i keep finding cobwebs in the corners so i better get on the ball. tomorrow is saturday so we can have a family cleaning morning i think.

today we also stayed home, and i am just about exhausted just from cleaning up the same damn thing over and over. i really made an effort today to clean the mess as it forms but what an exercise in futility! now i remember why i leave it for the end of the day! sadly, i'm too freakin' tired in the evening to clean it ALL up, thankfully yoshi often does the dishes and some toy recon, and if he has extra energy, some sweeping. i bet his mom would fall over dead if she knew....well, i won't tell her! i admit, it is nicer to have a tidier house in the evening but i'm not sure it's well worth it. *sigh* i hate housework to begin with but those cobwebs in the corners are embarrassing! time to get out my little duster and hit the corners. here's to feeling happier, and in a cleaning mood, tomorrow!