well, we survived our first undokai. we were kinda late, because hiro didn't want to go, and tommy didn't want to get dressed. yoshi also stressed out about hiro's socks, which weren't the 'uniform' socks, but i felt we were doing ok since they were white! (turns out, i was right, not all kids had the 'short socks'. phew!) since we were about five minutes late, we set up behind others, and so couldn't see well. tommy had woken up late and didn't have any breakky, so he started fussing right away. then sasha joined in, and when we couldn't see anything that was going on....i had to leave.

now, it probably would have been ok, maybe send one of us (yoshi) off to get some senbei (note for next year: bring snacks for the morning) or something, except that yoshi had volunteered for undokai duty (and we both forgot about it until we got there. oops!) yoshi had to do that and so i was stuck with two fussy (and hungry) small children and i had to take them away. we got in the car, went to poplar and got some juice and snacks. then sasha peed her pants. i didn't dress her this morning, she did it herself. when we got in the car, i asked her if she was wearing a diaper and she said yes, but then she peed and oops! remembered that she was wearing underpants. *sigh*

so, we went home, got her some fresh pants (trousers) and diapers, then went back to the kindergarten. of course, just before we got there, they both fell asleep. i parked in the shade, got out my crochet and missed the undokai. *sigh* ah well, something for therapy?

i made a delicious bento this morning and we actually ate at the car (i parked in a nice, cool and quiet spot) and then went back for the rest of the undokai. it was cute, if a bit hot, and everyone was tired when it finished. however, yoshi had to spend another hour there to help clean up and the kids were just a nightmare. hiro actually fell asleep in the car on the way home. we picked up some ice cream bars and had a nice treat, and now yoshi has the kids outside with one of the toys hiro received today.

next year we'll have two kidlets in the undokai, and i'm not sure we should be volunteering or not!