yoshi made me kinda mad today. he just wanted to sleep when i needed to get out of the house! the kids aren't just gonna stay here and play quietly my dear. they run out of the house. they run around the block! our street is quiet, but the next one over is a bus route! i couldn't leave because sasha was outside crying, and tommy was trying to make her come inside by opening the door, closing the door and then locking it! *sigh* finally i got away (you know, to do the recycling and buying diapers), but it's so frustrating when you don't even get your work break because someone else can't/won't take over for you.

yoshi had a lecture this morning. i would have gone out in the morning otherwise. hiro has a day off from school tomorrow so i really needed a break. i took the kids to the local AEON and got some things to make dinner, plus some onigiri and bread for a morning snack. it's such a pain sometimes, going out with all of them!

finally got home after a few hours (my break time) and only sasha had a nap. good news, because tommy is asleep with hiro and sasha! that probably means we can skip his afternoon nap, but that means no more quiet time in the afternoons. *sigh* can i send him to school from next april?