i found the charger for the nikon's battery! yay! guess i have no excuses for taking pictures now... do you want to know where it was? on the desk upstairs, under some papers. maybe five feet from where it's supposed to go. and yes, i am sure it was me who did that. well, not the papers part, that was probably yoshi, but me putting it on the desk instead of the basket a couple more steps away...serves me right!

yesterday was pretty hard, well, in the afternoon anyway. i'm already blocking it out...kuri and her pinglet came to visit us (yay for new cars!) and left shortly after hiro came home from school. i don't remember much else except dinner: i made curry rice and hiro stated he didn't like curry rice, he wanted furikake rice and that was that....until yoshi got home. and suddenly, all of my precious children who didn't eat curry rice because they didn't like it and preferred furikake rice, wanted to eat curry rice with daddy. even though they already ate, bathed and were in bed when yoshi got home. *sigh* that was it, i was done and went to bed upstairs. to hell with it. some nights, anyway. ugh.

well, so far today is better, but only just. yoshi will be home late tonight so hopefully the kidlets will be asleep before he gets here.