...but i don't. haven't really been in a picture-taking mood. gotta fix that!

today yoshi took a day off from work. but before we get excited about that, it was for a special lecture in his lecture series. then, in the afternoon, he went to a movie that was shown at the community center. now for the exciting part! they were offering free childcare there at the community center, and yoshi wanted me to go to the city and get some money so wa-hey! free time in the city for me.

it was a bit of a hassle, though, because the movie started at two, and hiro gets off the bus at approximately 2:49. also, yoshi's lecture ended at 1:30, so i had to get hiro, take the kids to the community center and meet yoshi. i was worried that i'd get to the kindergarten when kids were getting out, but i guess i was early. yay. it was a bit difficult for me to slip away but i didn't get any phone calls before i was out of munakata so i just kept on driving!

so, the money i was picking up for yoshi. a while back, he found 10,000 yen on the ground. i think he goes in a bit early and jogs around ohori-koen before work. anyway, he turned the money in to the police, and no one claimed it, so it goes to yoshi! yay! (when yoshi first told me about the money i was kinda like, um, just keep it, it's only 10,000 yen! LOL) i went for him because one has to go to tenjin (in fukuoka city) at the main police station to get it and yoshi doesn't have time to go himself. he saw an opportunity for me to go with free babysitting. that's cool with me.

i asked for directions at the koban on oyafukudori, then walked to the central police station. afterward, i hit the fabric store and then subway (sandwiches, yum!) the weather wasn't very nice, but it didn't rain so that was ok. i enjoyed my kid-free time in the city!