today is tommy's birthday. two! he's getting so big! and the talking, he's so cute!

today kuri and pinglet came over to visit us. we usually meet once a week or so, and decided that since it was tommy's birthday, they would come here and have lunch with us! i made a lasanga, and hummus, and also served salsa and chips (talk about mixing cuisine...). and of course, we had cupcakes (yum!) a few years ago i got a trunk of princess play clothes for sasha, and now she's finally old enough to play with it. since the pinglet was coming over, i thought it was a good chance to break it out and dress up. i also got out some halloween costumes, so tommy could have a chance to join in for dressing up (he got to wear stitch, and was VERY cute!) pinglet ended up wearing a snow white costume that my mom sent last week, she was absolutely adorable in it!

after lunch and cupcakes, tommy and sasha were getting cranky, so we said goodbye to our friends and they drove back to kita-q. too bad it takes so long to get to each others' houses! sasha went to sleep right away, but tommy was too stubborn. i had to pick hiro up at school today so tommy slept then. when we got home, hiro jumped on his new bike (early birthday present) and after one and a half trips up the street, he crashed and burned! he bruised his face and scratched his knee, so it was time to finish. poor hiro.

we have had dinner, and the birthday cake, and shower, and the nice clean house i had this morning is gone. *sigh* oh well, tomorrow's another day.

happy birthday tommy, we love you!!