so, a few of our bloggy friends here in japan are getting ready to move--into houses! how exciting. we bought our house without any sort of input, but for the most part i am satisfied with it. especially the outside, it's pretty and interesting, so that's good enough for me.

but i wanted to share a pink house with you. this is really quite rare in japan, at least, in my part of japan. i have been driving past this house (from time to time, it's actually in the next town over) for the past five years, and i finally got brave enough to take a picture of it, and drive past the front.

i always thought there was a beauty salon attached to the house, mainly because there always seem to be some towels drying in the back, and just the shape of the house on the left. but when i drove around to the front, it seemed to be a different kind of business, almost like a factory. anyway, pictures:

a pink house

the color really seems to have faded. but look at that! it's three stories. the first is probably used for the business, though. and, there's a chimney (on the right) that goes all the way up. wonder if it's real...

front of the house

i really like this in the front, with the different colors (maybe you can notice, the two in the back are lavender.) quite an interesting house/business!