sorry i didn't post yesterday. i had a pretty shitty day. as usual no one listens to me. and, i had a kind of nasty surprise. i had just got tommy and sasha asleep for their naps when i noticed my phone was blinking--an e-mail from the bus saying hiro was nearly home! WTF! it was an early home day (but thankfully an eat-lunch-at-school day). i REALLY need to put all the important info on the calendar (right now it's marked with which clothes to wear, which days need bento and what the school lunch is--so i won't serve the same thing for dinner). *sigh* so, no 'quiet time' for me. that sucked.

then, everyone wanted to play outside, which is fine except during dinner prep, so, i had to go chase tommy down since he was up the street and around the corner (but NOT on the busy street, thank goodness). ugh, so annoying. i gave them some chalk and let them draw, but then there was a sudden rain storm (only lasted a few minutes), which was annoying. then it was dinner, don't listen to mommy and run screaming through the house time, take bath by 'self (which ended up with a bit of poo in the bath so i had to wash it), then shower time, then attempt to get everyone asleep. yoshi got home around that time so i went upstairs and let whatever happen, happen. ugh.

this morning was pretty shitty, too, and finally got tommy and sasha out for a drive. i think i'm PMSing and sasha is three, so...well, hopefully the rest of today will be better.