...and a scarf, too. i think. i haven't written about the broken rib scarf, right? too bad if i have, i'm gonna write about it here.

ok, so i finished a scarf, using noro kureyon. i LOVED working with it, the wool was so soft (been using a lot of acrylic lately which can be a little harsh). i loved the colorways individually, but not together (two different 'colors' used in one scarf--the colors vary wildly within a skein but the two skeins did NOT go together well. but then, i've never been a fan of orange and purple together.) i did like the pattern a lot, i think it's called a 'mistake rib knit' but i keep calling it a broken rib. whatever. the pattern is 'child's rainbow scarf' from the book, last minute knitted gifts. here are pictures:

rainbow scarf

kid's scarf

children's rainbow scarf

i don't know who it's for, but it's definitely a size for a child.

next, i've started joining my rose afghan squares, even though i haven't finished all the squares (remember, i need to make 70. SEVENTY!! i have about 45 done) i think they look pretty good together:

first rows

those are just the first two rows together, i now have five sewn together (i have about ten more squares, but i need to weave in ends. and i am joining seven squares to each row. only five more rows to go!) i really hope this thing stays together, i am going to be heartbroken if it falls apart!