i think tommy and sasha are coming down with colds. please, no, we're supposed to meet kuri and the pinglet on friday! but...they have been so cranky today, and fairly cranky yesterday. and, they're both snotty (since yesterday). hiro was snotty a couple of weeks ago, but never had a fever. so far, neither sasha nor tommy have had fevers, either. so, knock on wood it's nothing more than that.

today, all we did was go to the laundromat for drying clothes. i dried three loads. there's still one in my washing machine, too. i should dry it tonight. the rain is a pain, but still welcome all the same. since we planted a couple of trees on the weekend, i guess it's better if it rains (then i don't have to worry about going out there and watering them). still stinky, though, because we can't go and play outside.

it was pretty warm earlier this week, too (and over the weekend) but today is quite cool. now that i can knit and crochet, i actually am kinda excited about the cold. i can use my handmade stuff! yay.

well, gotta go read books and get the little monsters off to sleep. good night!