yesterday i had to take sasha to the pediatrician, because she cried all night, because her legs were itchy. poor sasha. we went last winter, i think she has a problem with sweating on the back of her knees. they get itchy, so she scratches and then the skin on her legs get all red and blotchy. she also seems to have dry skin on her tummy, so i try to give her lotion after a bath.

anyway, all the crying meant that i didn't get much sleep. *sigh* i rubbed her legs for her because they itched so much, and i didn't want her scratching them. then i got up early this morning to do some cleaning up and little housework things before the kids were up and in my way (or in my face!) i have to wait to vacuum, of course, and that's such a hassle, fighting the kids for the vacuum (i do let them vacuum after i've done it, i just need more than one two-foot square spot done!) had a friend over for tea and pudding. then the weather just deteriorated and we've pretty much been stuck at home. well, we did go out to get some hamburger for tonight's dinner (chili) and some milk (we go through so much milk these days!!)

kids are driving me crazy this afternoon, thank goodness i prepared the chili early and can just heat it up. it's about time to start using the crock pot every day!