finished rose afghan

finally got it all together! in the end, i used this method to join the squares. (warning, awesome crochet site there!!) seventy roses, look at that! i am very happy with it, i think it's going to be a great sofa afghan. phew, one more big project finished!

rose afghan

i also found something yesterday that makes me want to sew again. i haven't sewn in months, mainly because i don't want to deal with the kids and the sewing machine. i'm afraid they're going to touch it and break something. anyway, look at this:

fabric book

it's a fabric book, that you sew together yourself! i am so excited to have found this, it's the first one i have seen in japan. my mom sent me some last year, they were so easy to make! this one, however, is rudolph the red nosed reindeer. how cool is that? maybe if i get my sewing out and get this together, i will regain the christmas mood i somehow lost this week....

i also got some cute fat quarters:

christmas fat quarters

and a few weeks ago i found some great fabric on sale. one was perfect for christmas (though i have no projects in mind) and the others were pretty:

green and red sparkle gold

rainbow wheels

pretty floral fabric

bright floral on black

that last one amused me because of this:

made for jo-ann

i used to work at jo-ann's!